FrameShop™ Design & Cut

FrameShop Design & Cut software comes standard with every new Wizard computerized mat cutter. This comprehensive software platform is the industry leading solution for custom mat design and cutting, and is fully compatible with the latest Windows™ operating system.


FrameShop software makes it easier and more efficient than ever to design and cut your creative projects. Plus, you’ll be ready to use our enhanced tools for things like: decorative line work using the Pen Tool, subtle embellishments using the Debossing Cartridges, decorative Vinyl cutting, or even custom Box Design.

Plus, you’ll be able to do even more using our CutArt™ Volume 1—an extensive library of over 1,400 design elements that have been created, tested, and approved for use with our Wizard 8000 and 9000 series cutters. These design elements can be used as decorative accents on any mat design, and combined to create endless creative possibilities.

Get Inspired!

Check out our Inspiration Gallery for incredible mat design examples and project ideas:

FrameShop™ is the industry-leading software platform that enables the functionality of your Wizard CMC to be continuously improved and extended through exciting new features and tools designed to maximize its capabilities.

Available FrameShop™ Tools & Accessories:

FrameShop™ Visualize

Visualize™ is an available add-on software module for FrameShop™ that enables you to envision your mat design ideas, and show your customers their virtually matted and framed artwork right from your sales counter. Easily save previews as .jpeg files to send to your customers via email, or post them to social media networks to promote your business.

FrameShop Visualize™ is compatible with all Wizard CMC’s, and also works without a CMC* as a standalone front counter solution. Combine Visualize™ software with one of our Camera Mount options, and you will have a complete solution for conceptualizing and presenting your design ideas before even cutting a single piece of mat board.

Available VisualizeAccessories:

*Requires a computer running Windows 10 operating system.