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Meg Glasgow Finer Frames—Eagle, ID

Meg Glasgow
Finer Frames—Eagle, ID

Someone queue the music, the bride is ready to walk down the aisle!

It’s officially wedding season and a great time to get your frame shop ready to inspire customers with wedding-themed framing. We’ve assembled several framing ideas to get customers thinking beyond basic framing, and turn them on to ideas for wedding décor, shadowboxes, and more.

Turn these projects into inspiring material for social media posts, a blog article for your website, or displays for your store walls.

Engagement Photos Using Faux Bois Inspired V-Grooves

Faux Bois Inspired V-Groove Mat Design, by Meg Glasgow

Faux Bois Inspired V-Groove Mat Design, by Meg Glasgow

The beauty of natural wood is the theme for this engagement photo frame. The happy couple was photographed in the forest, and that inspired me to add a special wood grain design to the project.

Using “Trace” within Wizard’s FrameShop software, I imported a black line drawing of a ‘faux bois’ pattern, then traced the lines to create all of the curved V-Groove cuts. I chose a light beige mat so that when cut, the white beveled V-Grooves would be a gentle contrast.

The mats that surround the photos are cut from a cordovan colored leather board with a black bevel. For fun, I used Wizard’s Debossing Tool to carve “Happily Ever After” into the mat. We’ve found that adding little details like these mean so much to our customers, because it means they are able to walk out of our shop with something completely unique and personalized.

Lattice Cut Wedding Mat

Perfect for a summer wedding, this lattice design adds an interesting detail to the shadowbox. The lattice mat was cut out of a solid color core white mat, then applied on top of a natural colored textured linen. Two copies of the wedding invitation were used—the front design and the back showing all the wedding details.

The photo was trimmed with a fillet and elevated above the invitation to give it more visual importance in the design. The color combination is intentionally light and neutral, with the distinct pattern adding interest to this project.

Lattice Cut Wedding Mat Design, by Meg Glasgow

Lattice Cut Wedding Mat Design, by Meg Glasgow

Signature Memento Mat

This project is a classic and very popular with customers. Wizard's Pen Tool makes this easy to personalize with the names of the bride and groom and the date of their wedding.

Detail of the inscribed Lettering accomplished using the Wizard CMC Pen Tool

Detail of the inscribed Lettering accomplished using the Wizard CMC Pen Tool

We left the glass off, at first, so that during the big day well-wishers could write personalized notes of congratulations to the happy couple. After the service, we added glass to protect this beautiful memento.

Custom Framed Wedding “Signature” Mat, by Meg Glasgow

Custom Framed Wedding “Signature” Mat, by Meg Glasgow

Seating Chart

This project is an elegant twist to a seating chart for a formal wedding. Black mats surround printed seating assignments and are mounted to a large framed mirror. When displayed on an easel, it adds a beautifully elegant touch to the wedding reception.

Seating Chart Idea for a Formal Wedding, by Meg Glasgow

Seating Chart Idea for a Formal Wedding, by Meg Glasgow

To cut all of these mini-mats, I designed the project using Wizard’s FrameShop software. I created a double opening mat, marking the largest opening as a reverse bevel, then set to cut in an array of the maximum number of openings I could get in a 32” x 40” sheet of black mat board. Instead of cutting a double mat, I left the mat in place.

The first round of cuts were the inside openings at a regular bevel. The second round reversed the bevel leaving a perfect fallout mini-mat at ¾” wide. The second cut produced a perfect edge.

Each mat surrounded a nicely printed list of names. Then I simply used double-sided sticky tape to apply the mats to the mirror.


Custom Table Numbers, by Meg Glasgow

Custom Table Numbers, by Meg Glasgow

Table Numbers

This is another project made easy with a Wizard Computerized Mat Cutter.

Using a similar method as the seating chart project, these table numbers are double-sided oval mats with a printed number in between. The two white mats are attached back-to-back over the wired stand.

Custom table numbers like these can be created to fit virtually any wedding theme or decor style. This is just one example of an additional item you can sell to your customers, and help make their special day extraordinary—they will love you even more!

So start getting creative with all the possibilities of things you can do to provide more value and more inspired designs using the capabilities you already have.

What will you create with your Wizard CMC?


These are just a few examples of literally endless possibilities of what can be done using your imagination and a computerized mat cutter from Wizard. What interesting things will you come up with?

Get inspired, and then get cutting. We’d love to see what you do with your CMC. The sky’s the limit—really! Send us the most creative examples of how you’ve used your Wizard CMC, and if yours is selected, we’ll feature it here on our website.

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Meg Glasgow

Meg Glasgow is a nationally recognized consultant in the art and framing field, and winner of Larson Juhl’s first Design Star competition. She travels widely in the U.S., presenting sales and marketing seminars for small businesses, and has published several articles and books, including “Meg on Marketing, A Self-Help Guide for Small Business Success.”